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Glossary of Materials and Terms


A lightweight, warm, soft material. Often made out of synthetic materials.


Soft, cozy footwear product that covers the ankle.

Classic Comfort

The very heart of Acorn. Core classics slippers in five segments: All Day, Inspired, At Home, Great Gifts, and Heritage.


A footwear style with a closed toe and an open back.

Cloud Cushion

Our softest insole offers a premium, multilayer cushion footbed that feels like walking on a cloud.

Comfort To-Go

From inside to outside and back ? easy going style with true shoe performance. Acorn transitional styles using shoe construction and performance sole materials.

Contour Cushion

A hybrid design that combines long wearing cushioning with added arch support for stability.


A natural fiber that is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable material.

Faux Fur

Any material made of synthetic fibers designed to resemble fur. Most have a natural plush look with a soft, fuzzy feel.


Premium molded footbed designed with a higher and longer arch and a deep heel cup that cradles your foot for optimal support and long-lasting comfort.


Soft napped fabric that can be used as outer shell or inner lining; Fleece is normally made from 100% synthetic material, like polyester.


The circumference of the footwear item measured around the ball of the foot.


Material used to add stretch or elasticity to an opening or seam.


Shoes and other footwear that have an indoor/outdoor soles can be worn indoors and outside.


A lining that runs the full length of the inside of the footwear item.


The upper, center section of the foot, between the toe and ankle.


A knit fabric used predominantly for clothing manufacturing. It can be made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibres.

Kids Comfort

Comfy, cozy, and cute! crafted for comfort, designed for fun. Fresh novelty, classics mocs, easy booties, etc.


The inside material of a product that touches your skin.


Footwear normally shaped like a moccasin, with a low flat heel.


This polyester and nylon blend offers good warmth plus wicks moisture away from skin to help keep hands dry.


Sole made of materials that are proven or treated to not mark floors.



The bottom outer sole of a footwear product.

Pillow Pod™

Memory foam cushion to enhance comfort level.


Polyurethane is an extremely durable and flexible synthetic material.


Fabrics that are woven, often made of nylon, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.


Premium 100% genuine sheepskin. Shearling or sheepskin naturally wicks moisture.


Premium 100% genuine sheepskin. Shearling or sheepskin naturally wicks moisture.

Shaft Height

Shaft height of footwear products are measured from middle of the arch up the inside of the product to the top of the product shaft.

Shaft Width

The width of the footwear products are measured at the opening of the product.




A footwear type with an open back and open toe area.




A footwear item that is easily slipped on, usually meant for indoor wear and lined for comfort and warmth.


The bottom part of a footwear product.

Spa Comfort

Perfect pampering at its best, comfort with a softer side. For bed and bath. Signature spa terry in best selling styles and colors, and extended sizes, widths.

Support Cushion

Our most advanced design features a dual density, anatomically molded insole for all-day support and comfort.


Superior moisture-absorbing polyester blend or cotton blend material. Terry feels soft and plush to the touch.


A footwear style with a strap that connects the sole between the toes and the sides of the foot.

Touch Screen Technology

Thread material that is used to allow your glove to be compatitible with your electronic touch screen device.


TPR, also known as Thermo Plastic Rubber, is used to form outsoles on slippers and other footwear products.


The upper part of the footwear item, not including the sole.


The front part of the slipper/shoe upper that covers the toes and part of the foot.


Socks to fit your life ? original, fun, and oh-so comfortable. Fun and original prints, improved fit, and the ONLY choice in the market.

Water Resistant Leather

Smooth leather that is treated for water resistance in the tanning process so water rolls off. If it gets damp, dries soft and supple.