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    Free Economy Shipping on all orders $50+

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    Free Economy Shipping on all orders $50+

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    Acorn Recycling Story

    Tons of discarded apparel ends up in landfills.
    To help combat this, we are reusing knitted yarns in our Camden Bootie and Clog.
    See Camden

    Each pair of our Acorn slippers designed with Bloom algae foam adds more clean air to the planet.
    Check out our current styles with +Bloom like Spencer Spa, Parker and Parker Plaid Hoodback for men and women
    See +Bloom Styles

    Acorn is Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Less is more. Did you notice? We are redesigning our packaging to use less and waste less. Our essential slipper styles will be delivered to you in crush resistant packaging
    The new packaging is revolutionary. For every 100,000 pairs produced, we reduce paper headed to the landfill by 16,538 pounds. That is the same weight as an average school buss.

    Acorn is committed to protecting the outdoors. Over the years we have supported local non-profits focused on the outdoors like local hut and trail organizations and outdoor leadership programs.
    Each new product design is reviewed against corporate initiatives that protect the environments through creative design innovations. We continue to evolve our practices and challenge each other to do more good.


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