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Small Steps Make a Big Difference. Acorn is in step with those concerned about the future of the earth. We continuously work to improve the sustainability of all aspects of our operations, including the materials we use for our footwear, product packaging, print materials, manufacturing, supply sourcing, and even our office and administrative operations. Materials in our shoes and slippers. We're increasingly using natural and earth-friendly fibers and materials that are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable such as:

  • Organic cotton terry.
  • CFC-free PU molded footbeds.
  • Recycled materials in our outsoles.
  • We also forge partnerships with material suppliers who are committed to sustainable eco practices.

Packaging & Corporate. Over the years we have improved the sustainability of our packaging and printed materials. As part of a company-wide effort to reduce the amount of plastic and petroleum-based products used, we've made huge changes including:

  • Switching to recycled and/or sustainably manufactured paper and packaging.
  • Redesigning our slipper displays to eliminate the use of plastic.
  • Switching to boxes that are made from recycled materials.
  • Using bio-degradable poly bags that won't stay around forever.
  • Printing using soy-based inks.
  • Manufacturing without the use of formaldehyde or chlorine, to name just a few.

Our office! Our office, our pride and joy, has been totally repurposed from an original cotton mill space in Brunswick, Maine, right down to the coat hooks. Highlights of this renovation include:

  • Old mill window frames that have been repurposed from an old Maine toothpick factory to create office walls.
  • Floor to ceiling windows that take advantage of natural light and minimize electricity use.
  • Original hardwood mill floors that have been refinished.
  • Carpet tiles from that are made from renewable and recyclable materials.
  • Open-concept communal spaces that feature artwork from Maine artists.
  • Noiseless HVAC system from a Maine-based company that boasts 100% Made in the USA steel and recycled materials.

Commitment to Community. Supporting and engaging with our local community in Brunswick, Maine is important to Acorn. We support Brunswick by:

  • Donating slippers to ShoeBox Recycling via a local high school softball team.
  • Donating extra fleece to cats and dogs at the nearby Coastal Humane Society.
  • Working with local artists for office décor.
  • Hiring local caterers for office functions.
  • Supporting the community in general by shopping and visiting local businesses.
Small Steps Make a Big Difference.