The Story of Acorn®

Crafted with Care

Maine, 1973. David Quinn hand-stitched 22 pairs of slippers socks to give as holiday gifts to close friends and family. These gifts were the start of Acorn® and the care and thoughtfulness that went into them is what keeps us going today.

Acorn® is a brand built on craftmanship and relationships. Every Acorn® product is inspired by the Maine experience - with premium craftsmanship for quality that is made to last and comfort that is loved by a loyal following – for a product experience that is crafted with care.

Beloved Comfort

Our premium craftsmanship delivers an elevated comfort experience that has been trusted for decades.  Beloved by loyal fans, we are committed to next level comfort. Acorn® slippers wrap your feet in soft linings and add extra cushion that feels like walking on clouds.

Quality That’s Made to Last

Using top of the line materials and techniques, we are always investing in the best way to do things. With a focus on details, we craft products that will be around for the long haul. We leverage early shoemaking techniques to handcraft our slippers ensuring the best shape and best fit.

Inspired by the Maine Experience

We love and respect the outdoors - from summer wildflowers to crisp lakes, and snowy winters - the natural beauty and casual coziness of our birthplace will always inspire us. Rest assured that if our slippers can keep feet form and comfortable in Maine, they can keep your feet comfortable wherever you may live or travel.