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    Feel the Comfort of Acorn Footwear.

    Crafting Comfort Since 1973

    That's over 40 years! One man, David Quinn, decided to hand-stitch leather soles to the bottom of a wool sock... and the rest is history. It all started with a Slipper Sock, how'd it end up like this?

    A Better Future ♻

    Here at Acorn, we're focused on sustainability. That is why we are excited to announce a new line of recycled slippers.

    Warm your feet, not the planet.

    More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States alone. Our recycled slipper line is a first step towards addressing this issue.

    Our Recycled Camden Moccasins are crafted using recycled textiles rescued from landfills. Available in Men's and Women's styles, the Camden is Acorn's most eco-friendly slipper ever!

    Camden Recycled Slipper's being worn on the side of a bed
    Woman wearing the Parker Plaid Bloom Slippers. Laughing next to a fire and converted camping van

    Built for après-Adventure

    Born in Maine. Made for après-anything. Acorn Slippers, Mocs and Socks feature designs inspired by the colors of nature.

    Perfect for the downtime spent around the campfire or in the comfort of your living room. People around the world look to their Acorn slippers for comfort and style.