You Asked. Acorn Listened.

You Asked. Acorn Listened.

The original Polar Pairs were an instant classic and developed a loyal following. Acorn customers have proven themselves loyal.  Customers from coast to coast reached out to Acorn expressing how much they loved the Polar Pair and wished for them to be made again. So many people reached out to the company after they stopped making them, the company kept track of each request. In their notes customers shared stories of how comfortable the Acorn Polar Pairs are and many expressed how they have worn them for years and years, some even 35 + years! Acorn is so grateful for their customers and especially those who took the time to send their feedback.

Short & Sweet. Since their beginning, the Acorn Polar Pair has been the short slipper sock that fans go to when they are looking for the same level of comfort but in a shorter version.  Our new Polar Pair are constructed with a soft recycled fleece upper and fleece lining.  Every part of the slipper that touches the foot is cozy and ultrasoft.  

Uncompromising Comfort. The renowned Cloud Cushion™ multilayer insole gives the same comfort under foot that can be found in many Acorn slippers.  Each Polar Pair is very light weight and worth the space in your travel bag or backpack for the durable cozy comfort they deliver wherever your adventures take you.

Instant Relaxation.  The experience you feel when you slip your bare feet into a pair of the reimagined Polar Pair slipper socks is like a long peaceful exhale at the end of a long day.  They nailed the fit and sizing.  There is enough room to wiggle to your toes  without the slipper feeling floppy.  these slippers are a gentle hug for your feet, just the right hug amount to feel secure with each step.  The feeling is really cozy and in the words of multiple customers “They fit great!!”.

The Toes Knows. A newly integrated feature to the new Polar Pair is the suede toe cap in addition to the suede rand, the leather than spans the space to the sole (subtle pops of color in most versions for men and women), gives the slipper the added thoughtful quality with great long-lasting fit.

Original Comfort +Better.  Our OG Polar Pair is truly coveted.  One customer wrote a lovely note saying the “Polar Pair have to be one of the most warm and comfortable slippers!” and added “Please consider bringing them back.”

In return for their commitment to the brand, Acorn sent their loyal Polar Pair fans the first production pairs as a thank you for their feedback.  In gracious response, another customer said “They are more cushiony than the old version.” While another said, “The original design was great – this is even better. You crushed it!”

“I Love Them”.  Acorn loved the original, but admittedly was a bit surprised at the volume of feedback from customers asking them to bring back the Polar Pair.  When Acorn decided to bring them back to the marketplace, the idea wasn’t to just dust off the previous design but how we can make the customers’ experience even better. No small task given the passion from customers for the OG Polar Pair. Today’s version has the added suede toe cap, a colorful looped heel tape and Eco-conscience recycled fleece uppers. These features keep moving Acorn products forward with initiatives and designs that are meaningful to today’s consumer.

One loyalist commented “I love them, and I can’t believe that I am saying that about a pair of slippers”.

 We here at Acorn want to thank our  loyal customers for the inspiration to reimagine and reintroduce the Classic Polar pair. Because of you we continue to create super comfortable slippers that help you relax and enjoy the world around you. To those who reached out about bringing back the polar pair slippers, your thoughtful and genuine interest  are allowing many more to experience the joy of the Polar Pair today!