Acorn is celebrating dropping leaves with new OG Slipper Sock colors this fall!

Acorn is celebrating dropping leaves with new OG Slipper Sock colors this fall!

Leaves are dropping and temps are more unsettled.  Traditionally during the last week of September, we celebrate National Fall Foliage Week.  Whether you look forward to apple cider, a pumpkin spice latte or an extra fuzzy layer, it’s a time  many of us start craving cozy comfortable things around us.  We gravitate toward soft fabrics in clothes, and cozy slippers are no exception. 

Predictably the calendar changes seasons but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate on the timetable.  Weather is fickle.  One area might get cool crisp air while another region is still warm and humid.  Slippers don’t have to be either summer or winter styles. 

The Acorn OG Slipper Sock is a solid four-season slipper. The Acorn company was founded in 1976 by a resourceful entrepreneur who created the first pair of slipper socks as gifts for a friend.  In the early 70s, David Quinn took natural ragg wool socks and sewed suede soles on the bottom.  His friends loved the gifts and he continued to develop Acorn multilayer cushioning.  The layers of memory foam, stability wedges, and heel to toe cushioning became Acorn’s proprietary Cloud Cushion insole for the Slipper Socks and many more styles. 

Did you know that Acorn Slippers Socks launched on every Space Shuttle mission beginning in 1982?  Check out the pair from astronaut Sally Ride’s in-flight space suite displayed at the Smithsonian  National Air and Space Museum.  Astronauts benefited from the nearly weightlessness of Acorn’s Slipper Socks, compared to shoes, and enjoyed their warmth and comfort.

Peak Performance.  Acorn Slipper Socks have been spotted on Sherpas in the Himalayas.  Adventure is a mindset, but it’s also Acorn’s middle name.  Acorn slippers and footwear show up in amazing places. They have been on extreme athletes from the XGames to weekend warriors of all ages. You may be surprised to learn how many people have Acorn slippers. Customers love the Slipper Sock for years because of the naturally temperature regulating benefits of wool and excellent layers of cushion under foot.  Today Acorn makes Slipper Socks in more and more colors.  Most are made with the Acorn heritage ragg wool for the sock uppers, however one version is light grey cotton blend.  Customers often say that the OG Slipper Socks are a “Great Gift.” and “These are the best thing I have ever owned. Super warm, comfy, and well built.  Looking forward to owning more of these.”

Latitude and Longitude. Whether the coordinates of your destination take you hiking hut to hut or driving to a cozy bed and breakfast, slipper slippers are the perfect travel companion. This season the brand is introducing two great new colors a dusty Olive Coast green and a deep red brown Raisin color.  Customers continue to say year after year they are “warm, cozy and have good support”!

Original Comfort.  Our OG Slipper Sock is truly the original.  An Acorn customer said that "it’s hard to find the real thing these days.” Lots of brands take the idea of a slipper sock and try to recreate but they miss the mark.  The quality and craftsmanship Acorn puts into each pair is unparalled in the marketplace.  They are available on in variety of colors.  Keep checking back for new colors and patterns.  The OG screams heritage and comfort in every step of the slipper construction.  The slipper socks are sized for men and women, find your perfect size by looking to the slipper sock size chart for your recommended size. 

Strange bed fellows.  Where do you wear your OGSSs?  One reviewer said they wear them to bed because they keep their toes toasty.  My slippers go where I go. I always put a pair in my travel bag.  They with me everywhere.  In the winter I also like to throw a pair in my backpack or bag when I go to friends’ homes for dinner, drinks, or game night (Trival Pursuit style).  Where do you wear your OGSSs? Show your style and use the hashtags #OGSS #acornslippersock #howdoyouwearthem

Customers are saying “Happy feet, old school style.” And “My boyfriend loves them.  They remind him of his childhood”.

Trouble deciding which color is best for you, consider two.  Your feet will thank you later!