From the beginning, designing well fitting gloves has been the cornerstone of Manzella®. Tony Manzella founded the company with a revolutionary idea, a seamless glove. Over the years his pioneering spirit, and his focus on putting the customer’s needs first, has inspired continued innovation and evolution.

The Manzella®Story

Over 40 years ago Tony Manzella developed a seamless glove.  The seamless glove evolved into a new gripping technology called “Control Dot” grip and this innovation was enthusiastically welcomed by sport and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

As the company evolved with the customer in mind, they developed a glove rating system to allow customers to stay outside longer with “Warm, Warmer, Warmest” designations.  The brand evolved from primarily gloves to hats, beanies, and gaiters for men, women, and children.

Revolutionized Women’s Gloves

Recognizing that most women’s gloves never really fit quite right, Manzella® leveraged 12 years of research on physiology, sizing, and the anatomy of women’s hands. The research indicated that women’s hands varied more in length than width, don’t have as much width or mass in the palm, and taper more than men’s at the wrist. 

The result:  Manzella® developed an entirely new line of active, outdoor gloves with a superior fit specifically for women.

Exceptional Outdoor Products

Designing gloves and mittens based on the end-use is key to creating products that fit a need for the consumer. 

As the expert in gloves and accessories that keep you warm, dry and outside longer; the brand recognized that this philosophy applies to all outdoor activities from skiing and running, to hunting, and working.

At Manzella®, we know it’s important to have the right gear for the elements, regardless of the weather.

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