Eco-Friendly:  Caring for the Planet with Every Step

Inspired in unexpected ways, we begin each design with you in mind. From plant-based dyes, upcycled excess materials to algae blooms transformed into high performance outsoles; we care about what drives you and challenge ourselves to create meaningful experiences along the way for a better tomorrow.

Reuse Thoughtfully

Materials typically are designed to produce large quantities of goods. At Acorn we continually consider how efficient we can be in the utilization but also how can we reuse excess materials and scraps. We are inspired by incorporating
mixed textures, materials and colors in unique ways.

Design Responsibly

The design process revolves around considerations based on consumer needs and the best intentions for the environment with long-term and near-term effects of today’s decisions. Innovation and creative problem-solving are cornerstones of the process. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new products that exceed consumer expectations.

Source and Develop Respectfully

From utilization of recycled yarns from discarded clothes and other knitted goods, we hope to achieve better natural resource management through the manufacturing process. By reducing excess materials heading to landfills, our environment and climate can be positively impacted. We strive to evolve our development in more sustainable ways while delivering to you, the consumer, our core values of comfort, quality, and innovation in responsible ways to deliver products for today’s lifestyles.