Off to College Comfy Cozy Essentials with Acorn!

Off to College Comfy Cozy Essentials with Acorn!

Many of us are asking what is on that ultimate college packing list for freshmen and returning students! Lists will include the basics, like bedding, pillows, lights, binders, and books.  Today’s students spend a lot of campus time in their dorm rooms and walking back and forth to class.  An often overlooked essential is the foundation for active comfort.  Keep your eyes to the ground and you will see a lot college students sporting comfy slippers on the sidewalks and common lawns. 

Today’s generation of students have a thoughtful and intentional laid-back vibe that drives all college essential shopping decisions.  Top of that pack-list is our must-have essentials: comfortable hybrid footwear- enter Acorn slippers. Yes, sneakers are an important item.  But what we see our kids wear all year long are lightweight, durable, COMFORTABLE slippers.  We see this as their go-to footwear on campus.  Did you know there are different slippers for different wearing occasions? True. We have outlined the top four scenarios to help narrow down the choices. 

Does you student bike across campus or catch shuttles?  Check out the Acorn Explorer Moccasin.  They come in men’s and women sizes and colors.  It’s a top-rated style and customers say “VERY comfortable, and I can throw them in the wash when needed”.  We all know that is a plus for those doing laundry away from home, many for the first time.  Easy to wear and easy to clean.

 Our girls love their flip-flips.  Acorn has a new style the Everywear® Sunday Spa.  It is the best of both worlds, with our new ultra-lightweight durable sole with engineered tread for traction yet the upper is super soft cozy spa terry with added arch support.  These will be the top pick during warmer months.  Customers also say that they are versatile and comfy with butter soft materials.  This style come is an adjustable slide, cross wrap, and thong style and a variety of colors. You will get bonus points because these are eco-friendly by turning algae bloom into high performance soles thus cleaning air and water in the process. Win-Win.

Woman sitting on a lawn chair wearing the Acorn Original Moccasins.

 Elevate their slipper game. We know students wear cozy slippers all-the-time.  Send them off with the most adorable venetian style slipper, designed for men and women.  These Bristol Loafers are lightweight, supportive, stylish and have an indoor/outdoor sole for treks to class or late-night study sessions. Customers say they “definitely recommend these to others”!

Woman sitting on wooden stairs wearing the Acorn Bristol Moccasin.

Dorm Destination.  Our OG Acorn Moccasin screams cozy comfort in a heritage moccasin construction.  These come in a wide variety of colors and materials for men and women. These are the perfect weekday college dorm essential or weekend hangout with friends style. Does your night owl decompress playing games on the wii or exercising their vocal cords through karaoke?  Whatever their recharge passion is check out the ultimate cozy Cloud Cushion ™ comfort, they will enjoy the ease of this slip-on style from Acorn. We like them because they are long-lasting inside and outside.

 Trouble deciding what best describes your student’s style, consider two.  They will thank you later. Check out the collection today!