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Quick Tips for Buying the Perfect Sandals!

You might assume shopping for a pair of comfortable sandals would be pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it than you’d think. Do you want a pair of walking sandals that’ll carry you through a day on the trails or sightseeing on vacation? Or are you in the market for something aesthetically versatile that will complement both a pair of  jeans and a frilly dress? If you’re already getting sandal-shopping anxiety, we’ve got you covered with some helpful insight so you and your feet feel confident in your shoe purchase.

Acorn Everywear sandal

It’s all in the sole.

Whether you’re wearing your shoes for a couple hours at dinner or for 5+ hours out and about, the sole is what will determine just how happy your feet are. A flat, no-cushion situation will leave you with tired, worn-out feet crying for a foot rub at the end of the day. Before you make a purchase based purely on trendiness, give the soles a good test to make sure they love the bottom of your feet back with every step you take. 

Women's feet displaying Acorn Casco sandals outside

Fortunately, our Everywear sandals go above and beyond when it comes to comfort and support. The textured insole provides a massage-like sensation that makes you want to stay in them all day long, even when you’re not standing!

These sandals are so comfortable! At first I wore them around the house so I wouldn't step barefoot but then I found myself not wanting to take them off and running errands with them.” - Acorn reviewer

Acorn Everywear sandals displayed on women's feet outside

Think of sandals as an investment.

Cheap shoes often mean poor quality and what’s worse than buying what you thought were durable, comfortable sandals only to replace them within weeks because they weren’t  made to last more than half the season? High-quality sandals are an investment that will save you from unnecessary purchases throughout the year.

Our knowledgeable Acorn designer took this into account when creating our highly-rated Everywear sandals collection that’s antimicrobial,  has the ability to self heal from punctures, resist abrasions, and stay true to form over time. If that’s not a sandal built to last, I don’t know what is!

A woman wearing Acorn Everywear sandals at a beach

Choosing comfort doesn’t always mean sacrificing style. 

Cushion and support are of course crucial when it comes to walking sandals, but who says they can’t be fashionable at the same time? You’ve probably heard of the “ugly, but comfortable” saying and sometimes, the comfort really is worth the lack of aesthetic appeal but in this case, our Everywear sandals skipped the ugly and delivered designs that are versatile, trendy, and timeless.🙌 Thanks Acorn!

Acorn women's Grafton sandal

The premium leather upper with intricate contrast stitching boasts gives them an elegant, yet simplistic look perfect for just about any occasion. Dress them down with your earthy hiking attire or dress them up with a whimsical summer dress. Either way, your feet will be in seventh heaven every time they’re met with the Everywear sandal.